Concerns about Facebook


The time has come to END the social experiment known as Facebook

It is breaking our world and is hurting people.

(1) People are dying as the result of genocide (ie. the Rohingya in Myanmar), bullying and mental health problems enabled by Facebook

(2) People's behavior, including yours if you use Facebook, is being manipulated by Facebook's subjective (and secret) Newsfeed algorithm.

 (2a) each Facebook user is presented with unique Newsfeed content which is customized to meet the objectives of Facebook and Facebook advertisers

 (2b) instead of seeing most of what is posted by friends or the pages you follow (or them seeing content you post in their Newsfeeds), you are shown content which will keep you on the site longer and expose you to more ads

 (2c) this results in more money for Facebook instead of you, the creator and owner of the personal data you share with friends and family

(3) Families, cities and countries are becoming more divided, contrary to Facebook's stated mission of building community

(4) People are being radicalized from constant exposure to more increasingly extreme posts, pictures, videos and livestreams on Facebook

(5) Children are being targeted to use Facebook apps at a time when they should be enjoying childhood so that they will become mature, healthy and independent adults

 (5a) unlike previous generations, children who use social media are no longer able to disconnect when they come home to reflect on and effectively process their experiences from the day

 (5b) many experts agree that social media should be treated the same as firearms and alcohol, restricting legal access until a child turns 18

 (5c) at age 18, children are typically mature enough to better understand the present and future outcomes of their social media activity and are better able to protect themselves from harmful people and threats to their safety

(6) Facebook's business model is based on the exploitation of people and their personal data (known as "surveillance capitalism")

 (6a) why are people not compensated for their personal data or able to control what is done with it? Afterall, they create the data (posts, photos, videos) and it belongs to them not Facebook.

(7) People are becoming addicts and are serving technology vs. technology serving people. Facebook is the new cigarette and slot machine.

(8) Over time this will become worse since Facebook aquired the popular WhatsApp and Instagram apps, which has eliminated competition and innovation in the social media space

We typically do not direct our visitors to external sites, but please watch PBS Frontline's 2-part documentary entitled "The Facebook Dilemma."

PBS Frontline - The Facebook Dilemma >>

If you are also concerned about the problems Facebook is creating for our current and future global society, please share this information with friends and family members.

Thank you for your time.