Frequently Asked Questions

What makes LiveFire Labs' courses different from other e-Learning options?

LiveFire Labs allows you to Learn by Doing. You are given access to a lab system to immediately practice key concepts as you learn them. You can also get answers to any questions you may have while taking the course.

How does it work? (UNIX / Linux)

You will use two windows while taking the course. One will be your preferred web browser, which is used to access the course content, and the other is an SSH client that is used to securely connect to a lab system to complete the course's hands-on exercises. (The "Getting Started" email you receive after registering for a course includes a download link to a free SSH client for the PC, and you already have one on your computer if you use a Mac.)

Throughout the course material there will be hands-on lab exercises to reinforce key learning concepts. When you encounter an exercise, you will switch to the SSH window that is logged in on the lab system to complete the exercise following the detailed instructions provided in the course material. An answer key containing solutions to all of the lab exercises is provided with the course material.

How does it work? (Python Programming)

ALL you need to take this course is a web browser. You DO NOT need to download or install Python or any software on your computer!

Depending on your personal preference, you can either use a single web browser window with two tabs open OR use two separate web browser windows for the course. One tab or window will be used to view the course manual interface, and the other other tab or window will be used to access the Web-based Development Environment (WDE).

Throughout the course material there will be code examples, hands-on lab exercises and an overall course project to reinforce key Python programming concepts. You will use the WDE to create, edit, save and run the Python programs for each of these. The WDE also lets you open terminal sessions on the back-end lab server so that you can run Python's interactive interpreter or execute programs from the command line.

Solutions (completed programs) for each Python code example, hands-on lab exercise and the full course project is included with the course. Solution code files can be opened from the WDE if you need ideas for your code, and you can also run the solution code files from the WDE just like you would your own programs.

Are the courses 100% remote, or is there an in-person component?

Yes, the courses are 100% remote. You can study from anywhere at anytime, and we have students from many different countries throughout the world.

Am I restricted to connecting from a single computer, either at work or home?

No. You can access the course material and Internet Lab system from as many computers as necessary, which can be located anywhere you need to study from (work, home, other).

What if I have questions while taking the course?

Any questions you may have while taking the course are answered over email. You can easily submit your questions using the course content interface, which runs in your web browser, so you don't have to switch to email to ask a question.

Can I take the course using a mobile device or tablet?

Yes. The only difference is that you will need to download an SSH client (sometimes called an SSH terminal) app for your device to access the lab system.

Can I use a Mac computer to connect to the lab system?

Yes. Macs have a built-in SSH client. Here are the steps for using it:

Open the Mac OS Terminal application (located in the Applications folder), and type the following at the command prompt and press the Enter/Return key:

ssh -l username IP_address

(Your username and lab system IP address are provided in the "Getting Started" email you will receive after registering for a course.)

A message about the SSH key should display, and a prompt asking if you want to continue connecting. Answer 'yes'.

Finally, it should prompt you for your lab system password. (Your lab system password is also in the "Getting Started" email.)

Will I receive a certificate for completed courses?

Yes. When you finish a course you will receive a certificate of completion containing your name, the name of the course, the date you took the course, the name of your assigned training specialist and the LiveFire Labs logo.