Student Testimonials

I have worked as an engineer in Semiconductor Industry for 33 years. I also have ...

... couple of years college teaching experience from early 80's. I have used UNIX and PERL in my work. Last year I was looking for online courses to upgrade my skills in UNIX and PERL. I found LIVEFIRE LABS among other online institutes with the help of GOOGLE SEARCH. I carefully evaluated few sites but LIVEFIRE LABS came out as a winner. I completed four courses with LIVEFIRE LABS as following 1) UNIX and Linux Fundamentals 2) Korn Shell Scripting 3) Unix System Administration 4) Perl Scripting. It was wonderful experience.

I decided to registered for Python Programming I: Fundamentals and Beyond with LIVEFIRE LABS not knowing much about Python programming itself. This course is very well structured. Each TOPIC is covered in individual chapter with lots of examples and exercises complemented with 12 COURSE PROJECTS. work at your own pace, if you get stuck help is just click away. Tuition for Python Programming is deeply discounted. I would highly recommend Python Programming offered by LIVEFIRE LABS. Online is second to none.

Gul Mohammed, San Jose, California

Perl Programming, December 2014

UNIX Shell Scripting, January 2014

The lesson plans and projects of the LiveFire Labs Python course are well-designed and ...

... highly intuitive for self-study. Each topic is carefully broken down and the complexity of the projects grows in building blocks at a reasonable pace.

I believe that the development environment provides enough of a raw experience for developing (i.e. you've got to make the project files, write all the code for each example from square one, and see how everything comes together as well as learn how to debug error codes) without making it too cumbersome (all you need to access to the system is a browser with an internet connection).

You can work on the projects at your own pace on your own time and the support team always responds promptly to answer any of your questions and troubleshoot through any issues that arise.

I highly recommend the course to anyone that's interested in learning Python, its many uses, and other related languages. It doesn't matter if you have zero coding experience, the material will get you up to speed and onwards to hands-on projects.

William C, New York, NY

LiveFire Labs "Python Programming I" course is unique way for beginners to learn this ...

... programming language like it's suppose to be done: at your own pace, with access to many examples for each chapter, aided by a cloud-based environment.

In my opinion every online course should be structured like this one. Good job LiveFire Labs!

Cosmin Dan, Freelancer, Iasi, Romania

Livefire labs is the best way to learn and practice Unix/Linux. I had to learn Unix for ...

... my work and livefire labs helped me a lot. The material is clear, support response is fast, the registration is easy and the cost is good.

I would like to thank Livefire labs for their efforts to build such a way for learning.

Yousef Anaya, Senior Consultant / BMC Certified Professional, Devoteam Group Middle East, Riaydh, Saudi Arabia

As a manager that is working on a transformation project where some applications will be ...

... moved from a mainframe environment to an environment running UNIX, I needed something that I could learn at my own pace and that would give me a basic understanding of how UNIX works and is used.

Livefire Labs is the perfect fit as I was able to complete the UNIX and Linux Fundamentals course in less than 2 weeks. I will be taking Korn/BASH Shell Scripting next and then UNIX System Administration to complete my learning for now.

Being able to learn at my own pace and still accomplish my day to day responsibilities is invaluable. Not to mention the cost savings which is significant!

Troy Wardle, Applications Development Manager, Zions Management Services Company, Salt Lake City, Utah

UNIX Shell Scripting, October 2014

I enrolled in LiveFire Labs Learn Python course a couple of months ago and I have to say it is the best course out there for anyone who wants to learn Python.

I have tried a few of them and dropped them. The course is well laid out and has a logical progression.

I love how each lesson is presented in simple terms and it gives you a good background on each new feature you learn. Most sections finish with a test and a program to write. If you don't look at the lab solution key and spend the time to create the programs on your own your learning will excel.

The lessons are written so you can follow at your own pace and you don't even need to install Python or any other course related technologies.

I have to say bravo to the people at LiveFire Labs for a job well done.

Alan Hassabo, Principal Consultant, Axelerate Advisory Group, Toronto, Canada

I am a new user to Unix and was looking for a cost effective class with hands on lab work...

I wanted to do more than read about the subject. This course was a great blend of presenting the information and hands on lab work. It was great to read something and immediately look at using it in the lab setting. The lab documentation and environment was very well structured. Even though I am a new user to Unix I had very few issues with my lab work.

I really appreciate the flexibility of LiveFire Labs with the length of the course. I needed to extend a couple of times and all it took was a simple email.

I can't wait to take more classes. I would recommend LiveFire without hesitation. Everything worked as advertised.

Michael Crump, Security and Data Center Manager, Ardagh Group - Glass - North America

LiveFire Labs interface is easy to use. When I had issues with the hands-on lab exercises...

...I sent an email and my question was addressed within a day. Additionally, due to work load and holidays I was not able to complete the course on time but the staff willingly and quickly extended my class time to allow for the completion. The folks are great to work with, respectful and a 'Class Act'

Pauline Taggart, ETL Developer, Excellus BlueCross BlueShield, Rochester, NY

UNIX Shell Scripting, January 2014

In general, I liked the way the courses are structured. The material is well organized and...

...for a busybee like me the ability to learn/review my learning at my leisure is very helpful. I will be taking more lessons from LiveFire Labs to learn new subjects and also to refresh myself on some courses. Thanks for the wonderful help I received when I needed it.

Ravi S, Tech Support Specialist, Stanford University

UNIX Shell Scripting, October 2013

In my position as a Web Analyst I had to work with both Windows and Solaris/Linux.

My technical knowledge is mainly in Windows and I had some responsibilities on the Solaris servers which I was able to perform but had a lot of gaps. I searched around for some online courses and went through the LiveFire Labs tutorial and liked the easy format so decided to give it a try. It has turned out to be a good choice for me. I really like the "hands on" labs and the real workplace scenarios. The lessons are very straightforward and understandable so they are definitely serving my purpose. The staff is great and responds right away to emails if you have a question or request and very accommodating should you need more time to finish. I am on my second course and planning to continue through all of the courses that I am interested in. I would recommend LiveFire Labs to anybody in my situation or even a beginner who is interested in learing UNIX basics.

Kathleen Gardner, Web Analyst, Pleasanton, CA

UNIX Shell Scripting, January 2014

This course is very useful, and has been of great benefit to me in my new job role as an...

...entry level UNIX System Administrator. I finished the course yesterday, and I am going back through a 2nd time today to see what I have retained. I would definitely recommend this course to any entry level person looking to learn UNIX or Linux, and even to seasoned UNIX/Linux professionals to refresh some things they may have forgotten!

Matt M, Sys Admin - UNIX, Centene Corporation, St. Louis, MO

LiveFire Labs' courses provide great value for people in a field where the underlying...

...OS is Unix. Although I have used Unix on and off for many years, this course upgraded my knowledge to a level where I can advise Unix Administrators about various OS parameters for my Hyperion apps. After taking all 3 courses, which have prepared me well, I received job offers for Junior Unix Administrator positions. The LiveFire Labs Support staff is great, my questions were answered in 1 business day.

Jay G, Oracle Hyperion Admin, Houston, TX

Overall, I am happy with my choice in learning Unix fundamentals...

... from LiveFire Labs. The courses were straight to the point and provided the context necessary to know how this new information can be applied in the workplace. I also had a great service representative help me out with a password reset when I needed it, and a time extension that I needed due to my busy schedule. Thank you very much!

Kraig Pearlman, Derry, New Hampshire

I've used UNIX for many years, but...

...only at an elementary level, so it was great to learn the basics in a more formal way. The best part of the course was using the live lab server to do the course exercises. that really helped me consolidate what I was learning.

Leslie Hirst, Technical Writer, Nuance Communications, Montréal, Canada

I spent a while looking for an easy to use and understand UNIX course for... 16 year old son. As with all things price played a large part in my choice.

LiveFire Labs' course price was very competitive and seemed to offer excellent value for the money. I was especially interested in the ability to login to live servers and practise using the commands such as ls and rm rather than just read information as experience working on a real system is more important than learning commands parrot fashion.

My son found the course easy to use and felt he has gained a good understanding of the basic UNIX commands needed to get started with Linux. The LiveFire Labs support was excellent and very helpful, a really genuine company offering a truly great learning experience.

Andrew Porter, Angelite LTD, Chippenham Wiltshire, UK

I found your courses to be very informative, and working on a real server in your Internet lab...

...was a definite plus. Your courses were also a good foundation for me since most of my experience has been working with Windows. I really enjoyed the courses.

Ed B, Beverly Hills, California

I believe the fundamentals of Unix course will be a useful asset to any person ...

...that is serious about learning Unix. The amount of information and the presentation of it to me as a student, has really helped me understand some of the basic concepts which I personally needed to brush up on before working on the live production environment in my workplace. I am looking forward to taking other courses from LiveFire Labs in the near future and would advise anyone that needs to build a strong foundation and advanced Unix skills to do the same.

Philippe Trounev, Business Consultant, Telcocell, Ontario, Canada

I use Linux infrequently and often I have to Google a command to...

...refresh my memory on its use. After taking this course, I find I do this less, and when I have to still look things up, I understand much more quickly how to use the command. What I read triggers what I learned in the course.

Cynthia Bowllan, Nuance Communications, Montréal, Canada

LiveFire Labs' UNIX and Linux Operating System Fundamentals course was...

...very enjoyable. Although I regularly used UNIX systems for 16 years, I haven't done so since 2000. This course was a great refresher. The exercises were fun and helped me gain a real feel for working with UNIX/Linux OS. Thanks very much!

Ming Sabourin, Senior Technical Writer, Nuance Communications, Montréal, Canada

I was in between contracts when a UNIX position came open but they wanted... hires to at least attend a basic UNIX course. There were none in my area for 3 months, which would not do. I came across LiveFire Labs, read everything on the website, and was impressed with what I read and saw and presented this to my manager. I thought it to be perfect, and it was immediately approved by my manger and the manger above him. From what I understand my company is using LiveFire Labs for the next person as well.

To me this is perfect as I am extremely busy during the day. To have access to the server to test the commands at night is awesome!! The course is laid out very nicely too. It is basic enough to read and understand and gives examples to assist as well as problems to do. I studied the material and passed the phone interview within a week. I am now on the job. I received another basic test from one of their top notch UNIX Admins - he gave me two thumbs up to start on the system!!!

I would like to add that every-time I have a question about something the support is awesome. Totally assists me when I send emails with questions etc.. I never have to wait like some support systems. I would absolutely recommend this site to anyone!!!

M. Petry, Virginia

Your web (instructional) and UNIX lab system availability/reliability has been 100%. The...

...material is clear and well presented. I have had the benefit of seeing a good bit of the basic course material before in other formats, and your 'to the point' approach has helped pull the ideas all together for me. The lab component is very good, taking it from 'head knowledge' to 'applied knowledge' immediately.

R. Burke, Capacity Analyst

I actually learned something in your class. The lessons are written in plain English and...

...the exercises are practical and involve real world situations. Absolutely the best IT class I have ever taken online.

Kenneth R, Corona del Mar, California

Thank you for the use of your system and the lesson material on UNIX Shell scripting! I now...

...have a firmer grasp on the Korn Shell as a whole, and give much credit to LiveFire Labs. Thank you again, and I will definitely consider your company in the future for anything else I may need!

John M. Baughman, Synergetics Incorporated, Fort Collins, Colorado

My company installed the new Warehouse Management Systems based on the Unix...

...platform six months ago and I am a mainframe COBOL programmer. I bought a few Unix books but it did not help me much, so I was looking for a class that could teach me basic Unix shell scripting.

After research, LiveFire Labs was the only class that was affordable for me; other professional classes cost $1000+. I registered for the Unix Shell Scripting course and was able to work at home or office during my spare time. I liked the hands-on exercises, which are vital for learning programming skills. I recommend LiveFire Labs to anyone who wants to learn Unix skills.

Mike C. Wang, Long Beach, California

Taking a LiveFire Labs' course is an excellent way to learn Linux/Unix. The lessons are...

...well thought out, the material is explained thoroughly, and you get to perform exercises on a real Linux/Unix box. It was money well spent.

Ray S, Pembrook Pines, Florida

I registered for LiveFire Labs. courses after I was given an assignment to work with an...

...IBM RS/6000 running AIX. The courses provided me with a basic working knowledge of UNIX for this assignment, and a solid foundation to build on until I become proficient with the operating system.

The price was great, and the hands-on Internet Lab provides the student with a real but safe place to practice immediately after a lesson. The convenience of learning at my desk was also important to me.

I am likely to take another LiveFire Labs. course because they are quality lessons without the high cost and travel expenses, and I recommend the courses to others. Unlike reading books or listening to an instructor who simply follows a high-level bulleted outline, these courses are well designed such that the student will learn in an effective but enjoyable manner.

Thanks again for your company's good service.

Donald Tang, IKEA, Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania

When I couldn't locate a school in my area that offered a Unix course for beginners,...

...I went to the Internet. Performing a Google search on "unix" brought up many hits, but LiveFire Labs had the most reasonable offer. I finished the course in a week, and got just what I was looking for.

The course.s hands-on exercises were inclusive, well written, and the answers were just a link away if needed. I especially liked it when a company representative contacted me about halfway into the course to inquire whether or not I needed anything. I will definitely look to LiveFire Labs again for any additional courses I may require.

Denise D, Claymont, Delaware