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"Taking a LiveFire Labs' course is an excellent way to learn Linux/Unix. The lessons are well thought out, the material is explained thoroughly, and you get to perform exercises on a real Linux/Unix box. It was money well spent."

Ray S.
Pembrook Pines, Florida

"LiveFire Labs' UNIX and Linux Operating System Fundamentals course was very enjoyable. Although I regularly used UNIX systems for 16 years, I haven't done so since 2000. This course was a great refresher. The exercises were fun and helped me gain a real feel for working with UNIX/Linux OS. Thanks very much!"

Ming Sabourin
Senior Technical Writer

Nuance Communications, Inc.
Montréal, Canada

"When I couldn't locate a school in my area that offered a Unix course for beginners, I went to the Internet. Performing a Google search on "unix" brought up many hits, but LiveFire Labs had the most reasonable offer.

I finished the course in a week, and got just what I was looking for. The course’s hands-on exercises were inclusive, well written, and the answers were just a link away if needed.

I especially liked it when a company representative contacted me about halfway into the course to inquire whether or not I needed anything. I will definitely look to LiveFire Labs again for any additional courses I may require."

Denise D.
Claymont, Delaware

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UNIX and Linux Operating System Fundamentals


This course begins with a brief history and overview of both UNIX and Linux, and then proceeds to teach you the skills required for working on a computer running either operating system.  Hands-on lab exercises are used to reinforce key concepts, and are completed by logging on to a server in our Internet Lab from your work or home computer.

LiveFire Labs - Online UNIX Course - Learn UNIX Operating System Fundamentals

Course Modules (view detailed course outline)

  1. A Brief History of the UNIX and Linux Operating Systems
  2. Operating System Concepts
  3. Getting Connected, Logging In, and Logging Out
  4. Operating System Commands
  5. Working with Directories
  6. Working with Files
  7. I/O Redirection, Pipes, and Filters
  8. Getting Help
  9. Processes and Jobs
  10. The Shell - A Closer Look
  11. Introduction to the vi Text Editor
  12. Introduction to Shell Scripting/Programming
  13. Tools and Utilities
  14. Interacting with Other Users


There are no prerequisites for this course, other than having a strong desire to learn the fundamentals of the UNIX and Linux operating systems.

Course Length

You will have access to the online course material and Internet Lab system for 8 weeks (24/7).  If you need a few extra weeks to complete the course, just be sure to request an extension before your initial access period expires.  There is no additional fee for this.


Experienced UNIX technologists will answer any questions you may have about the course material or hands-on exercises, both during and after the course.

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