LiveFire Labs' UNIX System Administration - UNIX Server Console Access

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UNIX Server Console-Level Access

If you register for our UNIX System Administration course, you will complete the course's hands-on exercises by establishing a remote console connection to a UNIX system in our lab that will be assigned to you, and only you, for the duration of the course.  Even though this connection is established through the Internet using a Telnet client, it is different from typical Telnet connections.

Instead of communicating with your lab system through its network card, you will be communicating with it through its console port.  This type of connection allows you to stay connected to the system and monitor low-level system activity during the startup, shutdown, and reboot of the system.

If you were to reboot your lab system while connected to it through the network card, your connection would be terminated when the system’s network services were shut down and you would be unable to re-connect until they came back up

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